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    Plain Plug Gauge Manufacturers, Suppliers

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    Systemgauges & Tools India Pvt. Ltd. is leading Plain Plug Gauge manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Kenya. We offer our customers an exceptional range of Plain Plug Gauge in Kenya manufactured as per prevailing industry standards. Our gauges meet the needs of automobiles, hydraulic equipment, oil wells and pneumatic equipment.

    While developing these products, we ensure to use quality raw material, which is known to improve the overall quality and durability of the product range. Our product range provides accurate measurements and readings and is appreciated for its high performance, reliability, and low maintenance.

    What is Plain Plug Gauge?

    A plain plug gauge is a type of gauge used to quickly verify whether an outside dimension of a part matches a preset dimension or falls within predefined tolerances. It is designed for checking shafts and cylindrical parts that do not have threads or a spline cut along the surface.

    Our Plain ring gauges feature a smooth inner diameter. These are typically cylindrical in shape and fabricated from a stable material, usually tool steel, with a highly precise bore in their center that functions as the gauge for the outer diameter of the parts.

    Plain plug gauges uses

    • Checking the dimensional tolerances on holes that are bored or drilled with smooth walls.
    • Verifying the size of a hole (or minor diameter of a bore) before it is threaded.
    • Assessing the quality of holes in end-user industries such as aerospace, automotive, transportation, and medical devices.


    Our Plain plug gauges are used to check the dimensional tolerances on holes that are bored or drilled with smooth walls.
    Some features of plain plug gauges include a smooth inner diameter, cylindrical shape, and fabrication from stable materials like tool steel.
    Yes, there are different types of plain plug gauges available, such as single-ended go/no-go plug gauges and double-ended plug gauges.